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Albany Creek


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Your everyday inspiration

Welcome to the heart of family bliss – Albany Creek in Brisbane, where every day unfolds like a chapter from your dream family story.

Nestled in the heart of Albany Creek, one of Brisbane’s favourite northern suburbs, Parqway provides the best of both worlds – city conveniences and the tranquillity of urban bliss. With stylish architecture and the highest quality build, luxurious living amidst nature has never been more within reach.

Bright futures

In Albany Creek, schooling is more than a destination; it’s an enriching journey. Explore a variety of esteemed collection of 5 primary and secondary schools within 2km of Parqway, each providing a nurturing environment for your children to thrive.

Parks and recreation

Picture this: your family laughing together in sun-dappled parks, the air filled with the sounds of joy. Albany Creek’s green havens are more than just spaces – they are the canvases for your family’s countless adventures, equipped with play havens, sports realms, and secret picnic spots waiting to be discovered.

Community atmosphere
Experience the heartbeat of community in Albany Creek, where connections are real and friendships blossom. Join in local events, lively markets, and gatherings that unite neighbours and foster a sense of belonging beyond words.
Convenience at every turn
Albany Creek isn’t just a suburb; it’s your haven of convenience. Dive into a world where every amenity, from vibrant shopping centres to essential healthcare services, is seamlessly woven into the tapestry of your daily life. Smaller local convenience shopping is less stressful than large shopping mega-centres.
Modern living in a perfectly positioned location

Albany Creek isn’t just a place to live; it’s the storybook setting where your family’s dreams come to life. Welcome home to a world where every moment is a page-turner in your family’s tale of joy, connection, and endless possibilities.

Guided by the natural slope toward the South Pine River on the 120-metre boundary, Parqway is defined by its captivating botanical features, bestowing upon it a distinctive sense of place. The great outdoors beckons, encouraging residents to immerse themselves in the charm and dynamic social atmosphere of a neighbourhood that organically evolved from its outdoor surroundings.